Healthy Home Dryer Vent Specialists proudly service all of Palm Beach and Martin County, FL. Healthy Home is a family owned and operated , professional dryer vent cleaning company.

Why Healthy Home Dryer Vent Specialists?

Healthy Home Dryer Vent Specialists was created to solve a problem that we were unable to find an adequate solution for. We spoke with hundreds of home and business owners that have have had their dryer vents cleaned. What we found an inconsistent experience, and none of the methods met up to our standards. They tried everything from handymen, DIY kits, and so-called professionals and all felt underwhelmed at the service they received. We realized that there was no one way to clean a dryer vent. So we set out to develop the most effective way of cleaning your laundry dryer vent, and we think we nailed it.

Healthy Home created an unmatched level of service for our customers. Having a clean dryer exhaust not only significantly decreases your exposure to a house fire, it also reduces the time you have to dedicate to laundry. We have developed a specific process to clean your dryer vents that is industry leading. We realize what a pain it is to run your dryer 3 or 4 times for your laundry to dry. More than anything we enjoy being able to help make your laundry life easier, and your home safer.

What makes us different

  • Exceptional customer service

  • Industry leading process

  • Dryer vent specific equipment

  • Highest quality products on the market